Rotator Cuff Training - Regular Cuff Training is the Foundation of Shoulder Strength

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Regular rotator cuff training is advisable for overall shoulder strengthening and conditioning. It is often the case that trainees often neglect the 4 muscles making up the rotator cuff to focus on basic gym shoulder exercises like military presses and lateral raises with barbells, dumbbells and machines. These exercises mainly target the big shoulder muscles calling into action the cuff as well to stabilize the shoulder during movement, though not specifically strengthening it.

Due to poor execution or posture to lift extra weights the rotator cuff is placed under extreme stress until injury occurs, like a tear. The same applies for sports where the athlete exerts the shoulder joint to the limit, like baseball, tennis, golf, boxing and many others. Whatever the sport, a situation of unbalance arises between the cuff on one hand and the deltoid and trapezius on the other.

The cuff muscles and tendons become unable to cope with the heavy loads thrown at them and just give up. When this occurs, a long rehabilitation program of specific exercises after a period of rest is the usual treatment. It is a pity that such protocol is mostly used as a remedial treatment to an injury that should not have happened in the first place, had the sufferer adhered to the same program to start with.

A specific rotator cuff training program is based on rotational internal and external movements targeting the Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor and Subscapularis, not the deltoid. At first, light or no resistance is necessary, then it can be increased progressively. It is important to maintain proper posture not just for the cuff exercises but also for the regular military presses and lateral raises, as these can stress the cuff if poorly executed.

A regular rotator cuff training program naturally complements a shoulder routine for over all strength and flexibility, preventing injury. It can also be used as a treatment for cuff rehabilitation, should and injury have occurred.

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Rotator Cuff Training - Regular Cuff Training is the Foundation of Shoulder Strength

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This article was published on 2010/10/24