Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

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If someone is suffering from shoulder pain, then it can be very uncomfortable. If this is the case, then the person may want to understand the common causes of the pain, to learn ways of preventing it from occurring.

Shoulder or elbow pain is something that can be very painful for the individual. If this does occur, then the person may be suffering from a shoulder sprain, which can occur if the ligaments in the shoulder become damage or even tear. When these ligaments do tear, then the person starts to feel pain and soreness in the shoulder area. This can be especially painful if someone continues to use the shoulder regularly. If the person does have a shoulder sprain, then he or she will want to stop using the shoulder until it heals. He or she can also apply cold packs onto the affected area to make sure that all swelling stops.

Occasionally, a person will feel pain, due to a dislocation. This can occur more often if the person uses the shoulder a great deal for a job, or if the person regularly works out. This occurs when the shoulder is pulled backward in the opposite direction. If someone suspects that the shoulder is dislocated, then he or she should visit a bone specialist to have him or her examine the area.

Another reason for shoulder pain is shoulder separation. This can occur when certain ligaments that connect the joints become damaged and torn. This normally occurs from some sort of accident or fall. When this does occur, the person may want to use ice to help with the swelling or the pain. He or she may also need to work with a physical therapist, to make sure it heals properly.

Someone can also experience shoulder pain if there is damage to the rotator cuff. In many instances, the rotator cuff can become irritated for a variety of reasons. This can occur because of a variety of reasons, including a disease called rheumatoid arthritis. If a person uses their rotator cup a great deal, then this can occur more frequently. When this discomfort occurs, then the person may want to visit a physical therapist or a doctor who can help treat the symptoms.

If someone experiences some shoulder strain, then there can be many reasons for the unexpected discomfort. If the pain lasts a while, then the person should always go to the doctor to be examined.


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Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

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This article was published on 2013/01/08